Hyplay 2.11

Hyplay 1.2.326.1 is a free .AVI, .DIVX, .MOV, .RM, .WMF and .ASF movie player
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Hyplay 1.2.326.1 is a free .AVI, .DIVX, .MOV, .RM, .WMF and .ASF movie player.
To play videos, you will need to have installed Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher, Apple QuickTime 4.0 or higher, RealPlayer 8.0 or higher and DivX Codecs. The installation program checks if you have them installed. If not, it offers you to download and install everything needed.

Then, it offers to associate every supported file with Hyplay.

The program opens with an animated intro. You can stop it by clicking over it.

Then, a black screen appears, with two set of controls in the top. The controls on the left allow you to load a file (you will have to press the play button), change or mute the volume. For some reason, the Option button is disabled, but you can access the Options Menu by right clicking over the video.

The righ controls allow you to choose if you want to see the video windowed, in full screen or without seeing the controls.

The program, still in beta, seems to have some trouble playing subtitles, as it usually hangs when viewing a file with subtitles (.srt) associated.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s an attractive player


  • If you need to have all the other players installed to make Hyplay work, why would you install Hyplay in the first place?
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